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We are the #1 high risk processing company in the United States. We service all high risk industries. We have created the very best high risk programs by partnering with processing banks that speacialize in high risk merchants. So everyone gets approved. We even customize all features according to your business type. Every account comes with chargeback protection provided by Verifi, seamless payment intergration to take all types of transactions.


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What are chargebacks?
Any merchant that handles credit card transactions are faced with chargebacks. Chargebacks are triggered when a customer reverses an order due to a legitimate complaint, such as not receiving an item as it was marketed, or because they changed their minds about purchases. No matter what the reasons, excessive chargebacks are bad for business. When merchants rack up excessive chargebacks, it not only cuts into their bottom lines, it puts their merchant accounts in jeopardy. High-risk merchants especially must be mindful of chargebacks. Businesses that can’t keep chargeback ratios below 2% can have their accounts terminated by processors. 

Our Protection

Electronic payment processing allows merchants to go global, but there are some caveats. One of the risks is chargebacks. D&B Processing has partnered with Verifi and their new Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN), as well as Ethoca’s alert system. By networking with both banks and card issuers, the CDRN is giving merchants direct control over resolving credit transaction disputes. By offering our merchants both chargeback resolution networks, they can achieve the highest rate of chargeback resolution.

Once the CDRN is involved they inform you, the merchant, immediately regarding the dispute. The merchant will receive the request and can then choose whether or not the dispute should be refunded or declined. This is the pivotal step allowing your business and your transactions to come back within the realm of your control.

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Merchant Account

In addition to offering dependable, affordable, and secure credit card processing, D&B offers ACH processing, secure payment gateways, integrated fraud protection and chargeback mitigation programs.
Merchants that want to safely and responsibly process credit card payments must turn to a credit card processor, like D&B PROCESSING for merchant account services. Retail, mail order/telephone order (MOTO), internet, and accounts for high risk-businesses are just some of the merchant account services offered by D&B.

Check Processing

D&B offers personalized payment solutions that allow new and established merchants to succeed. Electronic check processing service applications are approved in 24 to 48 hours. Once approved, We can set up a payment gateway and fraud filters.
Also, merchants can see funds from check sales immediately when they use iCheck, the electronic check processing service offered by D&B PROCESSING.

Payment Gateways

A business that works with little or no face-to-face transactions and relies heavily on credit and debit card payments must have a reliable high-risk payment gateway. D&B not only helps high-risk merchants in many industries, it allows merchants to choose their processors. Not every payment gateway works for every merchant, so D&B offers options. Nutraceutical or debt consolidation businesses, which often charge customers on a revolving basis, will want payment gateways that handle recurring billing. However, an adult dating site may better suited with a gateway that accepts mobile payments.


We will always have the lowest rates  because we offer competitive pricing. We can do this because of our industry insight via community partners. Our price is based on the industry's lowest average rate. So that means the price we give you as a quote is going to be the best price for a complete payment
processing service.
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