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We are comprised of creative professionals who are working to push all creative limits in finance, art, health, & science. What really makes us a one of a kind company is our team. It took 4 Years to put together the D&B team. The idea behind taking that length of time to find the right individuals is to ensure timeless quality every time you do business with D&B GROUP.  The D&B team has over 6 years of market research experience, 15 years of field experience, 8 years of social statistics data research, 25 years of finance experience, and 10 years of creative design experience. We have a very unconventional business structure that has allowed us to create exclusive partnerships with over 75 financial institutions, the federal government, 11 Fortune 500 companies, 6 industry logistic technicians, 4 commercial manufacturing & distribution providers, artists, financiers, socialists, engineers, educators, musicians, scientists, writers and investors.

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